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Telford Computer Engineer and Abbey Wood MOD

MOD Telford Computer Engineer

On one of Kevs first visits to Abbey Wood, he was tasked with resolving a hard drive configuration issue. Kev was locked in a room below the main building alongside a number of engineers who were working on an issue affecting approx 260 PCs which were to be installed on the Ark Royal Aircraft carrier.

At this time, business systems used Windows NT, which was installed via both floppy disk and CD ROM. There issue was that they had been trying for 2x weeks (this was the second batch of PCs) but could not install Windows NT.

The MOD engineers were getting nowhere) and left for lunch.

Kevin finished his work and decided to look at the NT issue.

 Basically, the Ark Royal PCs had been fitted with new bezels (computer fronts). Kev stripped one and noticed that the spring which ejects the floppy disks had been fitted incorrectly, thus partially ejecting the disk during installation.

As a result of this (and other work), Dataworld were invited to tender for numerous other contracts and Kev was offered a position at Abbey Wood.

Indeed, the MOD usually asked for Kev to attend faults.

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