Telford Computer Engineer and MDBA


Telford Computer Engineer and MDBA

MDBA Telford Computer Engineer

Kevin was working for Dataworld UK when they were asked to assess and resolve networking issues at a UK office.

MDBA were operating a Classified (Top Secret) internal network ands a General use internal network "side by side". They discovered that some people were loading files from the Classified network, working on them and inadverttantly saving the file / document to the general network (where it could then be accessed by unauthorised personell. Kev redesigned the system so that computers which were connected to the Classified and General networks would be fitted with 2x network cards (one connected to the Classified network, the other connected to the General).

Computer which were connected to bothnetworks would then be fitted with an adapter which would accept a removable hard drive. The system would use 2x drives (only one could be used at any time) and each drive would only be able to access either the Classified or General network.

Additionally, the Classified drive cases would be coloured Bright Pink so that security could see if they were left in machines at days end.

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