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After leaving Maztec, Kevin identified a market for Windows Recovery CDs.

 These are disks which were supplied with new computers and which contained an image of the computer hard drive when new. Therefore, if the computer hard drive failed or the system suffered a catastrophic failure, the disks could be used to reinstall the software (which the owner was legaly entitled to do). Kevin realised that most people would simply lose the CDs and that the manufacturers would typically cease supplying them after 2x years.

 Kevin therefore contacted Microsoft to seek clarification on the legalities of supplying replacement (machine specific) Windows Recovery Disks.

Microsoft confirmed that they had no issues and invited Kevin to become a Microsoft partner (which he still is).

Kevin developed the business, initially working from home and later from 2x offices at the Innovation Centre, Wolverhampton University until Microsoft effectively closed the business by withdrawing permission to supply the disks.

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